World’s Fastest Notebook GPU Released


Ever wanted the world’s fastest notebook in the palm of your hands that was capable of running modern day games at a very smooth frame rate and that too at maximum graphic details? With MSI ( micro star international ) creating such powerful notebooks are always possible. MSI has released a gaming notebook, carrying the model number GX 70 and even though the notebook is aesthetically and specifications wise appealing, the main component that is able to give a punch to the latest games is the incorporation of AMD’s 8970 mobile GPU.

The notebook is equipped with an AMD processor called the A – 10 5750 M processer which provides a 4 MB cache and a maximum clock frequency of 3.5 GHz. Being a notebook, which are not known to be equipped with such blazing fast processors due to the inability of the entire system to effectively dissipate the heat generated, that is surely a hefty amount of processing power. The operating system being run currently is a windows 8 based operating system and it is also equipped with support of up to 32 GB of DDR 3 memory, which to some might be an overkill but in the world of computers, there is no such thing as a limit.

However, MSI was quite stingy by only providing two vacant RAM slots. Moving on, we go to the fundamental component that makes gaming at maximum graphical details possible. The 8970 M GPU that is equipped with 2 GB DDR 5 video memory ( which is a bare minimum thanks to all the extra details that these taxing games demand ). Being a 17.3 inch notebook, which will no doubt be bulky in size, MSI has been kind in providing us with a display capable of delivering a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. One important feature about this display is that it delivers an anti – glare atomization treatment to remove all glare to make reading easier and less tiring on the eyes.

For Storage, a 1 TB hard drive with a 7200 RPM capability has also been provided and an optical drive which is a BD Combo  /  DVD Super Multi featured drive. It would have been nice if MSI had equipped the notebook with a primary SSD and a secondary HDD but we cannot have all things go in our favor. With all this massive processing power, one would question the amount of heat generated and the ability to be dissipated as well. MSI definitely thought this factor through and has fitted an Exclusive Cooler Boost technology that provides powerful cooling capabilities and receives real – time notification of the GX 70’s core temperature variations.

Since this notebook is in fact a gaming notebook, having a Killer E 2200 Intelligent Networking Controller minimizes noticeable stutter and lag and turns your horrible online gaming experience in to a smooth as silk one. Having 103 keys fitted on to the keyboard and that too by STEELSERIES, users will have no issue complaining about flimsy keys. Instead they will have a rigid keyboard and will enjoy their button tapping experience as well. Connectivity is also a very important feature that should be included in all mobile devices. This notebook supports WI FI standards of 802.11 b / g and n to remove any compatibility issues.

As for connectors, the notebook is armed with a VGA, HDMI, USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, an SD card reader and head phones output to further enhance the flexibility of this notebook. Being such a powerful notebook, battery life is also a concern that must be mitigated. Msi has included a 9 CELL battery and a 180 W adapter to provide sufficient battery life when the user is stressing the notebook through gaming or any other rendering tasks. With so many features being laid out, the final variable to be inserted in to the equation is the price. Lots of people will not be encouraged by the $1499.99 price tag that comes along with this notebook but in world of computing, you always get what you pay for in the end.

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