Who to Follow on Twitter

Who to Follow on Twitter

This seems to be a common question for many. With so many users on Twitter, how can you know who you should be following? After all, there are plenty of people who are popular but relatively obscure in comparison of the tweelite. There is a real possibility you are missing out on some crucial followers, and that is a real shame.

But there is no simple answer to the problem. After all, who you should be following is largely dependent on your own interests, needs and industry. Maybe you are an internet marketer who wants to connect with others that know the ropes. Perhaps you’re a hip hop fan who wants to follow the newest artists on the underground scene. You might just be someone who appreciates a good joke now and again.

Whatever the case, there are a few tips for finding the perfect Twitter accounts.

Who to follow on Twitter

Take Advantage of Hashtags

One of the greatest inventions since the internet itself is the Twitter hashtag. An innovative and useful form of tagging, it allows you to look for any posts that have been given that same hashtag which groups posts together from people all over the world in an instant, and has really improved the way people take part in online community interaction.

By searching out a hashtag, you can find others who are involved in stunts, contests, projects or just have the same interests. You can also find people’s opinions to current events or cultural phenomenon. That is a great way to find someone to follow.

Hashtags can also be used to group conversations around a Twitter chat – which is also a great way to discover new connections!

Use A Dashboard

Dashboard for Twitter

Social media dashboards are incredibly useful. Many are free for basic use – which is sufficient for anyone not holding a professional account – and allows you to create filters for certain keywords. It will then gather all posts with those keywords, to allow you to check them out in your own time. You can also find people, track followers, see analytics and more. All while linking various accounts. Tweetdeck is great option here.

Use Twitter Recommendations

Have you ever been on your Twitter feed and see a little sidebar with other profiles? This is a recommendation, and it is usually based on a couple of elements. Some are items you have retweeted. Some are links you have shared. Some are mutual friends of people already being followed by you. This can be a handy way of finding others that reside within a community or niche that you might enjoy.

Ask People You Know

Ask people to follow

A rather simple way of finding others is through asking friends who they are following. Many times they can direct you to accounts that you might also enjoy. Often in a more direct way than trying to keep track of their posts on a friend’s account. Of course, if you do see someone who interests you frequently posting on their feed, that works, as well. I have found more than one follower on pages of mutual interests.


It is interesting how many tweeters will neglect to follow people back. Of course, when you have an account so popular that you have tens of thousands of people or more, it isn’t really feasible. But not paying attention or checking out people who have followed you means you are missing out on the chance for a potentially positive contact. At least give their profile a quick look.

How do you find Twitter profiles? Let us know in the comments.

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