What is Affiliate Marketing?


Technology and Marketing are two words which are always frowned upon whenever put together and most people still cannot relate the two terms together, however, the term Affiliate Marketing pretty much puts both these terms together in the most unlikely way.

Now, I am sure most of our readers wouldn’t be aware as to what Affiliate Marketing really is, well so, we shall begin from beginning, shall we?

 What is Affiliate Marketing?

 Affiliate marketing in a lay man’s term is a unique technique in which various publishers and websites promote your own personal business.  It can be considered as sort of a commission that is given to publishers when your product or website is promoted by another website by bringing in more traffic or through advertisements on their own website.  There can be various means of reward from Affiliate Marketing; however, the most common throughout is payment in cash.  It happens many times that a viewer is on the Affiliate website and finds an interesting ad, so, he clicks on it and then moves over to your website, which in turn increases traffic and makes more commissions for the publisher at the same time.

How it works?

 Now Affiliate Marketing is a very technical marketing strategy and it doesn’t work with just every other business out there, so, all business’s need to make sure that, are they compatible with Affiliate Marketing or not?  It mostly helps retailers the most since it is based on the performance of the publisher.

To start a successful Affiliate Marketing strategy you need to:

  •  Formulate a plan and develop a healthy strategy in order to be at the top of your game
  • You need to write program terms which are technical yet eye catching at the same time
  •  You need to write banners and texts in advertisements to make a successful Affiliate Marketing plan

The commissions you get in Affiliate Marketing are a particular percentage of the product you’ve sold through Affiliate Marketing; however, at times it can also be a fixed amount per conversion.  Conversions are mostly tracked by a publisher with a unique code which is only being used by you and which enables the advertiser to the main source of the conversions.  At times, a coupon code is also given to the publisher to keep track.

How to succeed?

 Affiliate Marketing is a proper advertising campaign which promotes your product or gives you commission, so you need to make sure that you’re working with professionals who know what they’re doing.  Affiliate Marketing is the emerging marketing strategy in the 21st century and as more and more people are getting to know what it is all about, they’re all taking advantage of it as time passes on.  If you have an advertisement which isn’t rich in content then your competitor might be the one gaining profit, so, you need to make a plan very carefully when using affiliate marketing.

You need to set up a time limit to see when you get positive results for website, now, this can be frustrating but if you set up a proper time limit your chances of success are slightly high.  Much business’s use Google, Yahoo andMSNas affiliate tools as well, which have helped them immensely to succeed and grow their business in an instant.

These days both advertisers and publishers prefer affiliate marketing since it ensures that the work is done in an efficient way and both the publishers and advertisers only have to gain from it.  Affiliate marketing helps bloggers as well, since as they have established a relationship with their readers; their readers are more likely to increase traffic of another site.  In Affiliate Marketing a number of points need to be kept in mind in order to make it a success.

  •  High traffic
  • Relevant products
  • Quality products
  • A sincere trust with your readers
  • Ensure that your readers are in the buying mode
  • Good writer of banners and advertisements

If all these points are kept in mind while Affiliate Marketing, success might just be inevitable and you might just reach the top in a short amount of time.

Affiliate Marketing is a unique marketing style which is growing as we speak, the number of publishers and advertisers have increased incredibly and it is a strategy which would not help all but some very important business’s, so, if you’re thinking up of starting up on affiliate marketing, I suggest that you get started right away, however, you need to be careful since it’s a complex marketing technique and everyone cannot do it successfully.

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By Seerat Khan

Seerat Khan is a doing her graduation in Economics. She is a passionate tech writer and writes on technological updates at Techknowlogists. She has great insights about Technology and Internet Marketing and loves writing about them. You can follow her on Twitter @Ratzyyk

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13 thoughts on “What is Affiliate Marketing?”

  1. Soha Naveed says:

    Good explanation! (Y)
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  2. Seerat Khan says:

    Thank you. :)
    Seerat Khan recently posted..What is Affiliate Marketing?My Profile

  3. Thanks for explaining affiliate marketing in a better way.
    But for me one statement is confusing
    “It happens many times that a viewer is on the Affiliate website and doesn’t find anything which interests him, so, he clicks over to your website, which in turn increases traffic and makes more commissions for the publisher.”
    I didn’t get it. Rest of the article is good enought

  4. Umair Abid says:

    What Seerat is trying to explain is if the visitor arrives on your affiliate website if your ad is attractive enough to make the user click on the ad than he will land on your website it will not only increase your traffic but may become also a source of commission for the publisher
    Umair Abid recently posted..Place Your Bets for The Battle of The Year – Google Nexus 10 vs. Apple iPad 4th GenerationMy Profile

  5. Alright.
    I was thinking from a different prospective.
    Now its clear.Thanks Umair
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  6. Great insight about Affiliate Marketing. This is probably what a layman who is interested in Affiliate Marketing should read.

  7. shahrukh says:

    Great explanation. Must be written by an excellent writer (Y)

  8. Seerat Khan says:

    Thank you everyone for all your feedback. :)

  9. Anwar Zeb says:

    Thanks for such a great post. i wanted to learn about affiliate marketing and got it from here.
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  10. Nana Kofi says:

    Indeed affiliate marketing is a very complex method of marketing and one has to do a lot research before getting into it. make sure you have got a good niche etc. and also be a good writer that is if you want to use blog to promote your products.
    Never give up when things starts to get hard, because I am sure you must have done your research and must have thought of what you are doing before your started keep on researching and you will get there some day.

  11. Roshan jacob says:

    Awesome blog about affiliate marketing, you explain nice information about affiliate marketing programs and how to succeed also you shown this through an image are the best way for easily understanding.
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