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What every businesses wants to do is get hold is of a strategy that can generate additional revenue. And why shouldn’t they seek for such incentives? With the financial crises falling upon everyone, such strategies act beneficial for them. One of the most powerful tools that attract new business and generate additional streams of revenue is Webinars. However, for using every tool, you must be aware of how to handle them. Learn how to plan, market and produce a webinar for your small business or non-profit. Following in this write-up I will shed light on the introduction of Webinar.

Why use Webinars?

As I said before, Webinars are that powerful, yet cost-effective tool that can contribute in your business by generating lead and additional streams of money. To be precise, they are that slide-driven presentations that hold the power of delivering presentations through a webinar hosting service and market your business through a coordinate online marketing plan.  They can be delivered “live” as well as recorded for future playback.

The idea behind using Webinars is to establish the user’s skill in which he expertise and to improve your image in front of people. You may choose to provide your webinars for free to attract more attendees, or charge for them to create additional streams of revenue for you and your business.

The Benefits of FREE Webinars:

We all love goodies; why? Because they’re free! Same is the case with the free Webinars. Business people love free Webinars. But those who don’t know about them always ask “why go for free Webinars?” The inside story is that free Webinars allow you to generate lead and build up your “list” of customers and prospects. Through free Webinars, you can gain one of the most valuable business assets on your own. You will be able to attract many people who are willing to share their contact information so that they can get at your valuable resources. Whether they end up attending your webinar or not, you’ve captured their information.

Another benefit that comes with free Webinar is to record it and play it later. In case your business clients won’t be available to attend it live, record the Webinar, play it later or even download it in audio form and share it with them.

The Benefits of PAID Webinars:

The form of Webinars is the ones that are charged. By going for the paid Webinars, you can reduce the number of leads for your Webinar, but on the other hand, increase the quality of leads as people who are willing to pay for your webinars will be more likely to pay for your products and services when they’re ready to make a buying decision.

What You Need for a Successful Webinar:

Success never comes easy! But while tying a knot with Webinar, you just need to implement a few steps, produce and then market a successful Webinar. Want it? Below is the checklist that will help you quickly:

  • Get a Webinar Host:

Easiest way for any business is to get into Webinar marketing by using a 3rd party services that handle the technical side, such as any software that can share you desktop or slides, email confirmation and registrations.

  • A proper marketing plan:

How and when to promote your event? Which email list to use? How to promote it through your blog or website? Such marketing plans are always needed for businesses. Same is the case when you use Webinars. Make up a proper marketing plan that can lead you to success.

  • A compelling presentation:

You can choose to share your desktop, or put together a series of slides that you will show. While this won’t be too different from putting on a live seminar, there are some techniques that you’ll need to adopt to make for a more interesting webinar.

  • A backup plan:

Don’t think that the Webinar marketing ends with the Webinar. Depending on your business goals, you may want to follow up with a survey, the slides, the recording, and an offer that will deepen your relationship with your audience.

In this technology world, it’s always advisable to use internet marketing rather than the old forms. Through Webinars, success comes easy for every type of business, especially the smaller ones.


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By Soha Naveed

Soha is doing her graduation in Business. She has great insights about Internet Marketing and Technology. She likes to write on different technological updates. You can Follow her on Twitter @SohaTazz & Facebook @Soha Naveed.

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