Top Three Inbound Marketing Strategies for Mobile Apps


Mobile – that word that seems excite us the most these days. Everywhere you look, may it be the world of marketing or just normal tech giants’ competitions, you get to see sign of them everywhere; mobile this, mobile that. But, is it just me or does this mobile hype is getting a bit overkilling?

Sometimes, I feel like we’re pushing the main idea of mobile to a limit. But when I look at the statistics of mobile department, I think I’m getting too conservative. Have a look:

–          Currently, 750,000 apps in the App Store alone

–          Apps have over 40 billion downloads

–          One billion smartphones existing in the world and that number is growing

Having that said, I believe there are over a billion consumers that are always seeking for information through their mobile device. And did you know that works the most in this market where people love to surf information through their phones? Inbound Marketing folks.

Following in this post, I’ll share top three most effective inbound marketing tips app marketers can use to begin making waves in the world of mobile.

Inbound Marketing Wins in Mobile:

Before I start talking about tips and steps, let me tell you why you should take inbound marketing on your mobile.

In this growing community, any inbound marketer shouldn’t lose the opportunity to connect with the consumers as the status of inbound marketing has never been like this before and perhaps in this case, mobile will be acting the high octane of this jet. The secret formula of this space is that by far, not a lot of companies have taken advantage. It may be 2013, but for the mobile app world, it is still as fresh as 2001. So why not do something new?

Inbound Marketing Strategies

Tips.1 – Be Social:

By this stage, I’m sure that even toddlers know the development in social media and I’m sure that marketers know the tricks in this field. We love to text and email, while riding a bus we check in at Facebook, we share our birthday pictures through Instagram and Tweet randomly about people. These days, socialization is what’s needed the most. This means that social is a perfect venue for conversations about your mobile app’s offerings. Let’s take a look at two of social’s leaders and how they can be used for this purpose:

1.      Twitter:

A few days ago, Nike ran a Twitter-focused experiment by launching a new mobile app there. They actively shared their app to get noticed. Results being astonishing here’s what it yielded:

–          Over three clicks per outbound Tweet

–          A doubling of the positive ratings and reviews in the app store for their app

–          As many downloads from the Twitter campaign as their largest paid channel

What does this prove then? Even a large company like Nike got it done through inbound marketing easily. The ROI was extraordinary.

2.      Facebook:

It’s impossible when you miss out social media landscape without talking about Facebook. For mobile, Facebook holds incredible importance. For specific categories of applications like news, games, TV and movies, connecting with Facebook can and is driving massive increase in engagement and revenue from the active users. Take a look at the data from some of the most popular apps who have integrated a Facebook login.


Facebook may not be the favorite option for every app developer, but if you go with it and all is done well, the clear integration of Facebook can improve a lot of things.

Tip.2: Make What YOU Want:

Consumers generally search and surf around app market and what excites them, they download it. In such case, making sure that you optimize your app presence in the app store is very crucial, yet important. In order to get discovered by audience, follow these steps:

–          Selecting the perfect name

–          Investing in a compelling and memorable icon

–          Experiment with categories and keywords

–          Optimize your app’s description

The app store is the place where you can easily get success. Using your website and other channels to share why people use your app and what problems you’re solving is an increasingly powerful method of enabling app discovery, and it also makes your app seem more “human.”

Tip.3: Court Audience from Day One:

Another powerful route in this track is allowing your customers to share their thoughts and opinions about your app. Not only does this personally gratify you image, but a word of mouth turns to be incredibly effective. Consumer studies continue to show that recommendations from the people we know are trusted the most for the average consumer.

The question here arises that how can you know what your fans say about you in public gatherings or with friends? For most of the online businesses, this seems to be a very challenging task as there’s no centralized source for customers to share their thoughts. On the other hand, for mobile apps, this isn’t the case. This is because app stores give you their venue from where you can get audience ratings and their views.

Another question here is that how do consumers get to the app store to review your app? Despite the existence of easy opinion-sharing venues most customers don’t speak up. In fact, it appears that less than 0.1% of downloads result in a rating or review in the app store. Most consumers need a nudge – a reminder that they can share their thoughts and opinions.

Another tip here is that when you’re out for a meeting or are open to a dinner; introduce your app to the people around you. By strongly lifting communication with the base of customers, you can change the awareness massively and download trajectory. Word of mouth, in the real world, is a major inbound channel for mobile which every app developer can influence in a meaningful way.

When it comes on developing mobile applications, inbound marketing is that tool that we love immensely. The key to success is by providing tremendous amount of value to the customers you target and reap positively towards building customer acquisition channels as they can increase in efficiency over time.

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