Top 10 Free Tools to Test Your Website with Search Engine Marketing

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Search Engine Marketing is actually having a very broad term and it refers to advertising strategies or tactics that used by website/webpage proprietor to promote their website through online together with a target to boost  their position in the search engine rank pages and build traffic to the website online. The advertising strategies used for successful SEM with SEO, and the paid strategies. We will discuss the top ten “free” tools to check your website by search engine marketing.

1. GoingUp Page & Keyword Optimizer

GoingUp gives a numerous advice regarding on how your website is at present written and structured. It gives a better understanding – essential landing pages into your website. All you need to do is just put your website link on GoingUp page and the keywords you want to get ranked.

2. “Organic SEO” Click Distribution Calculator

This device tallies the total of “click” traffic in your webpage and could get from the status at ranks 1 to 10 in the Google. It tallies into one of two methods: Either by putting the amount of clicks your web page increases for a “search” term from your recent ranking status, or putting the amount of clicks you get from the Google search engine per month overall.

3.  Ultimate “PPC Keyword” Concatenation Tool & Paid Search Tools

This tool helps you to concatenate your three keywords and allow you to make a directory of variation of those concatenated keywords. Then afterwards, you can simply paste those concatenated keywords into a Bing advertising group or into a Google AdWords group.

4. Ubersuggest – Keyword Suggestion Tool

This tool permits you to put a “key phrase” and then it analyzes numerous web date resources to get various suggested searches closely-related to what you’ve entered.

5. LXR Marketplace – SEO Competitor Analysis Tool

LXR marketplace is described as an “online marketing device company” which gives a depth analysis of your website’s competitor.

6. Screaming Frog “SEO Spider” Tool & Crawler Software

This tool is a short desktop program, which allows you to scan a site and record the SEO essentials for review. This is also a “free lite version” that will examine 500 pages of whichever websites are given.

7. Ahrefs – Site Explorer & Backlink Checker

With Ahrefs’ backlink checker and site explorer, you can easily view your back links and know what site are really good and effective for your website, so that your website will be in the high rank of the Google search engine.

8. SEMrush Tool

This tool also helps you to analyze about competitors, as well as what keywords they’re ranking for naturally, and “bidding on” for paid marketing. This tool gives you a comprehensive resulting into a simple digestible format.

9. WordStream – Free Keyword Tool

This tool will give you numerous keywords that related to what word you have entered in the keyword tool, and you will know which keywords you have a lot of competitors, or need to work on.

10. WooRank’s SEO Tool

This tool is very common in webmasters. It records several data about your site and provides easy solutions to make you on the first page of the Google rank search engine.  Besides, you can also check your website for free primarily, before having the paid service.

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By Irina Carter

Irina Carter is a guest blogger and copywriter for many websites. She has been doing Guest Posting Service for 4 years. She is quite interested in programming and web design.

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