The Smart Phone Revolution

The Smart Phone Revolution

With a smart phone now available in every price range, and in various shapes, sizes and features to practically cater to every person’s need, it is no surprise that they have gained the status of an essential gadget. It seems unrealistic to even try and think about a time when physical distances mattered and made communication difficult; was it even possible to survive without making a call to your husband while he is at work, or conducting business without rapid email communication system? Apparently, there was a world like that before us, a big reason to be grateful to be born in the new world



It is true that with very new feature introduced in the basic phone, our dependency on it has increased. The first time a mobile was introduced, the luxury of being able to talk to anyone at any time and more importantly, at any place was so addictive that anyone who could afford the new expensive technology went ahead and bought a mobile phone. The journey of a mobile phone to becoming today’s hi-fi smart phone is less than a hundred years old, and yet the progress it has made has surpassed others by leaps and bounds.

Mobile phone, which is today’s smart phone, has essentially put the world on a person’s finger tips. But more than that, it has revolutionized the way human beings interact with each other, and this trend is hugely dominant in corporate sector. Many people have developed the tendency where they are better able to communicate over a call or through a text or email message than talking in person. This is becoming more widespread as more and more communication is being conducted via smart phones. Big or small, most business ensure that their employees own a smart phone so that they have no time and location constraint while working. It is not uncommon for two people working in the same company at different location to have never met each other but may have communicated daily on their phones.


Another impact on the human interaction is on the sense of common courtesy. Once, a subordinate would not dare show his boss that he is not listening to him when being addressed to, but now it is not uncommon to see people using mobile phone during meetings when one person is speaking and they are supposed to attentively listen.

Yet, we do not see corporate sector complaining about smart phones. The ease and cost savings that they have provided is huge in comparison to the difficulties being caused. Employers especially like to state how the recent application of smart phone spy software like MobiEspion has further facilitated their business. They can keep an eye on the employees at all times, whether in an office or working in the field. It has also helped them avoid leakage of confidential business data. The spy software allows the employers to gain access to every information item stored along with all the incoming and outgoing data in the smart phone of the employee. This software has quickly gained repute among business sector and its use is spreading to big and small businesses alike.

The progress of smart phones does not stop here and we are bound to come across a new feature or application soon that will further increase its demand in all circles of life.


By Ryan More

Ryan is Brand Manager at Mobiespion provides phone spy software for Android, iOS and Blackberry. He is technology addicted and loves to write about smart phone technology.

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