The Flip Phone To Be Resurrected By The Samsung Galaxy Folder


The time when we actually thought that the flip phones were an extinct race, here, we have one of the leading smart phone industries in the world, Samsung, working on resurrecting the popular phone culture when the flip phones were considered to be the social status of an individual. Seeing as how Samsung dominates not in the smart phone industry, but also in providing military class components that not only excels in quality but also in price, making them the supreme distributor of smart phone components. Simply stated, Samsung has a lot of influence in the smart phone market and exhuming the flip phone tradition might easily go their way depending on how they manage to execute their campaigns.

We are reasonably sure the next flip smart phone, which is rumored to being the Galaxy Folder, will not be just another flip phone that users carried around a few years. It will definitely be altered in terms of both functionality and features. For one thing, it will be sporting the Android operating system which will come with a default factory operating system of the 4.2 Jelly Bean version. The Galaxy Folder would include a dual processor that will belong to the Qualcomm Snapdragon family, which will satisfy the needs of majority of the users. Word on how much memory the device will be armed with was not disclosed.


Speculations did not detail the maximum display resolution that the Galaxy Folder will be equipped with but we do know that it will feature a rather low – end WVGA display. As for distribution, the anticipated populace will have to be patient because Samsung initially plans to launch this product with the intention to target the Samsung’s home market; South Korea. As for pricing, well you can make assumptions using that formidable intellect and come up with an estimated price because Samsung has not disclosed any details regarding such news. However, in terms of availability, Samsung did state that the product might reach stores and markets as early as August and will support LTE ( long term evolution ) connectivity.

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By Omar Sohail

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