The difference between Google Panda and Google Penguin Updates


There has been a lot of hype created ever since Google launched its diverse updates. This is mainly because of the fact that Google has rarely announced any changes, especially in case of the precious search algorithm. Here, the SEO marketers have been desperately waiting for a long detailed on Google Penguin and Google Panda updates. In Matt Cutt’s- a software engineer at Google words, Google is attempting to “level the playing field” by essentially giving both SEO marketers with great optimization skills and great content an equal opportunity to increase their visibility in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Following in this article I will present what exactly Google Panda and Google Penguin share with us. Before I state the difference between Google Panda and Google Penguin, I must share the benefits of SEO searches.

The benefits:

There are several ways to drive the web traffic to a website. In these several ways, SEO has proven itself as the ONLY reliable method existing. It’s simple; when people need to find something on the internet, what do they do? Keeping aside searching through their favorite and recommended URLs, most of the users like me questing about the search engines like Google. This means that if your site has what people are looking for and is optimized to attract the GoogleBot, you can enjoy scores of quality traffic from search alone. Having said that, we have learned good SEO can lead to manipulation of the system.

Google Panda:

On February 2011, Google dropped the Panda update bomb on the internet using masses. Not too unknown, Google Panda comprised on a few complex contents. Primarily, the main objective was simple: to penalize sites having content of lower quality and the in process innovative of returning back sites with having high quality of material and which belong to the top search results. While some would say the accuracy of the update was equivalent to a one-legged blind man in a butt-kicking contest, Panda made it be known that SEO marketers would have to start appeasing Google’s search algorithm beyond good keyword and linking strategies.

Google Penguin:

Prior this year, Google launched another update known as the Google Penguin in April 2012. The main idea of this update was to penalize sites and tackle spams to those sites that didn’t stand properly on the Google’s quality guidelines. Another tackle showed was to the Black hat SEO techniques that various sites approached in order to increase their ranking in the SE ranks.

Following are the technique used by Google through Google Penguin:

  • Comment spamming by the adding of links with the use of the same anchor text
  • Links from directory listings and from the article directories
  • Using unnatural and excessive links
  • Excessive use of external links that point towards your site having the same anchor text
  • Various links from low quality sites
  • Key-phrases/Keyword stuffed within proper content

The initiative of Google to minimize the level of ‘cheating’ in the play field is just another step towards the production of better quality in the road of SEO. I believe that the SEO marketers are somehow getting used to it, but those of you who wish to gain in the benefits from the search traffic, they will be highly embraced by Google Penguin and Google Panda updates. Now is the time to show everything to make your SE rankings intact!


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By Soha Naveed

Soha is doing her graduation in Business. She has great insights about Internet Marketing and Technology. She likes to write on different technological updates. You can Follow her on Twitter @SohaTazz & Facebook @Soha Naveed.

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3 thoughts on “The difference between Google Panda and Google Penguin Updates”

  1. Umair Abid says:

    May be these updates are nightmares for the marketers but as an internet user I do support these updates for the transparent search results and best browsing experience
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  2. Nikunj says:

    It’s really such a nice explanation on google panda and penguin. Last couple of days I was searching this kinds of information. So thanks for sharing a nice information. Keep updating.

  3. Soha Naveed says:

    Thankyou Nikunj. Keep following us and look across the blog. You’ll find more on these updates.

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