SONY XPERIA ZR: Your Perfect Water Proof Solution


We have all heard the brazen calls of advertising when ever some smart phone company or the other releases their new smart phone and boldly claims that its screen is shatter proof or its structural integrity will not be comprised by water seeping in to it. One such company in particular is SONY, and with nearly every phone release, they claim that it is water resistant. Looking at the design of their next offering: the SONY XPERIA ZR, it can be concluded that it is the smaller brother of SONY’s current flagship phone: the XPERIA Z.

Now you must wondering that each and every smart phone that SONY releases has to feature a ‘water resistant’ capability otherwise it will not be considered as a smart phone to be released in the eyes of SONY. However, the remarkable thing about this 4.6 – inch 720 pixels smart phone labeled as the XPERIA ZR that not only will its critical components be safe from being rendered non – functional if you happen to drop it on a liquid substance, but it can be used to capture full HD video while submerged. Looks like under water explorers will think about making another addition to their expedition equipment the next time they plan on filming a documentary.


However, there is no point shooting up your hopes to the point of no return that they never reach back because according to SONY, the XPERIA ZR is only rated for depths of 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes. That might not suffice for under water explorers, but it is still an amazing design feature and shows just how far smart phone hardware is maturing in general. Looks like you can add another pointer to get involved in Android based smart phones. Even though the market is lined up with a variety of smart phones, seeing them being equipped with 1080 pixel displays, Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processors, and the latest wireless technologies supported, making a purchasing decision can be quite an ordeal.

However, thanks to the latest venture taken by SONY, you have another feature that you can look forward to if you are the sort of person who has that excessive compulsion to satisfy the fact that the smart phone that is about to be purchased, MUST have a water proof ( or water resistant at the bare minimum ), the XPERIA ZR is just the smart phone for you. For everything else, like we mentioned, there are tons of options to choose from and to take your pick. As always, companies have this lack of empathy for their ever anticipated smart phone zealots when it comes to revealing the pricing details of their product and SONY is no stranger in that category.

Even when they are asked specifically or vaguely related to the estimated amount of time that the product will reach stores shelves, their comments and replies are nothing short of crooked or bewildered. Hoepfully, SONY will not keeping us wait that long and the XPERIA ZR will reach stores much sooner than later.

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By Omar Sohail

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2 thoughts on “SONY XPERIA ZR: Your Perfect Water Proof Solution”

  1. VISHAL RATHI says:

    After releasing of sony xperia zr series, sony is giving tough competion to samsung galaxy s4 active in water resistance phones. even all the smartphones of sony are user friendly and marvelous. sony always brings new features to its smartphones.4.6 inches of screen makes it more demanding. looking forward to buy it.thanks admin for sharing this helpful information…..

  2. Omar Sohail says:

    You are welcome. Currently Sony has one thing that is going for them. Their strong build quality and picture capturing quality. They must find new way to constantly improve them because then they will have something to show that it has bested Samsung!
    Omar Sohail recently posted..Whatsapp Tricks You Never Knew AboutMy Profile

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