Smartphones Turning Into Tablets: The Sony Xperia Z Ultra


We will all have to agree that the future will hold bigger and wider smart phones. However, how would you classify a smart phone which was too big and was considered an overkill. Sony has been adamant to the belief that a there is a limit to which a smart phone’s dimensions can be measured out by releasing the Sony Xperia Z Ultra which measures in at 6.44 inches. To some, that dimension might be considered as overkill but not to Sony.


Smart phones junkies will also be pleased to hear that this particular smart phone’s size is only matched by the sheer raw processing power that the device is fitted with. Having a screen which displays an HD resolution ( 1920 x 1080 pixels ), the Sony Xperia Z Ultra will come packing with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor which will be clocked in at 2.2 GHz and that to a quad core processor.

Besides having a blazing fast processor, it has also got a magnetic charging port on the side to facilitate, magnetic docks that allow charging. In addition to this, the waterproof element to the Sony Xperia Z Ultra is obviously one of the best features that a smart phone can be equipped with, but some potential customers will be bewildered immensely. This is because even though the fact that the little doors that seal in the ports are back in force, they not used on the headphone jack, which is quite unfortunate because should you happen to erroneously drop your phone in to water, it is not sure whether or not the sound quality will remain the same or not.

They have substantially improved the screen quality, with the Triluminous technology displays its magical colors at work to improve color saturation levels in key areas, increasing the potential for a fairly stunning – looking picture. This feat is also aided helped by the X Reality engine that has solely been developed for mobile, which fills in missing pixels in standard definition pictures. With a mobile power house in the palm of your hands, one will question the battery life that this phone possesses. A 3000 mAh power pack has been bundled in the phone packaging which will give you sufficient battery life provided it is not continuously for prolonged periods.

Is this smart phone going to win over the dominant race of the other smart phones currently placed in the market? The have introduced a very strong host such as the Xperia Z Ultra and it seems that if they keep on producing phones like this along with lower priced category of smart phones under the name brand name, Sony will be able to seize majority of the the market by a considerable margin. Seeing the size, display resolution and processor being a part of its arsenal, we are quite confident that Sony can join the big guns and even if they do not, they have certainly shortened the gap between smart phones and tablets. With the Xperia Z Ultra, you get the best of both categories; a smart phone and a tablet.

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By Omar Sohail

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