Mobile Website Development: Planning


No trip can be taken without a map or directions on how to get to the destination. The same is also true when it comes time to build a mobile website for a company or even for just a specific product. One needs to develop a reasonable plan before designing a mobile website so that it is the most effective and successful as possible for the end user. There are several key tips to consider during the planning phase:

Evaluate the Users

Before taking any steps to plan the site, consider who will be using the site first. What are their expectations? Will it provide information on a specific topic, show videos, host a storefront or perform some service? If the end user has a specific need in mind or an expectation as to what your site will deliver, plan on how you can fulfill that need. The better their needs are met, the more successful your site will become and the more users it will attract because of its success.

Be Mindful of the Capabilities

There is an outline of what the site needs to do, but can you deliver on those needs? Can you afford the technology or the software programs needed to provide the service? If something is out of your reach, scale back the plan so it does remain affordable and you can implement a realistic alternative.

Also, time is a capability you need to evaluate. When the plan will be laid out and then developed by you, how much time and how soon can you actually get to it? Can you build a mobile website in a reasonable timeframe? If the answer is no, then the site needs to be minimized or hiring someone with the time should be hired to get it online as soon as possible and bringing customers in.

Load the Best Apps, Tools and Features

During the planning process, evaluate what is needed for the site. Do the users really want to come to the site and see videos of dancing cats or is it an app that can be skipped? Load the best tools, apps or features that display your service, business or product in the best light and nothing more. People are busy and they don’t want to waste time skipping through an elaborate intro or waiting for the page to load because there are way too many graphics bogging it down. Load the best, but only most necessary tools to get the job done.

Promote and Maintain

Planning for anything also includes looking down the road to the future. How do you plan to promote the site so it stays on top of searches? Who will maintain the updates to the site and refresh the content? Just because the site goes live doesn’t mean the planning for it ends. A person needs to be in charge of caring for it and maybe a different person needs to be in charge of promoting it so that it gets the best results.

Enlist Testers

Before launching the site to the whole world, get a group of friends, family members or trusted clients who already utilize your services to have a sneak peak of the offerings. Have them test out any links and click on every possible route to make sure the site works great from their phone. If any problems are reported, fix them immediately before moving on.

Summary: When was the last time you plan a site before building it? When it comes to mobile website development, planning is more important than ever. This helpful post will discuss key tips in planning for a mobile website development project.

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By Nikhil Jain

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