Is 4G LTE Technology A Waste Of Money?


It is high time we stopped blatantly cursing and criticizing Apple for sticking adamantly to their plans of quoting ridiculously priced products to their line – up of smart phones and other mobile devices. If you don’t like their products, buy something else. PERIOD!! It is about time we moved on to more favorable discussions because honestly speaking; chastising Apple and its products have become exceedingly superfluous and downright boring. The more interesting topic that we all should be focused on is whether or not 4G LTE technology is a waste of money?


Everyone knew what LTE was going to be courtesy of the heightened marketing marking the era of new wireless connectivity. LTE technology was to revolutionize how the mobile connectivity was to behave. It was the perfect deterrent to help people get rid of their excruciatingly slow internet connections which had to be hard wired to the computer system in order to function and even after all that hassle, they would receive pathetic services. With this new technology, you could surf the net on the go. This technology, though considered extremely flexible, will obviously come with several strings attached, much to our disappointment.



Baking soda and coke are a bad combination. Wearing a completely loose shirt and skin fitted pants is a terrible combination. Mixing rice with ketchup is a preposterous combination. However, you want to know what combination sits on the thrones of bad combinations? Blazing fast internet connectivity with capped limits. That right there is the bane for every human being who has a penchant of surfing the internet without experiencing any sort of performance delay. What is the point of all that speed, when you CAN”T EVEN UTILIZE ITS COMPLETE POTENTIAL surfing the web, downloading large capacity files and streaming HD quality videos.

When service providers such as Verizon, AT&T or any other are putting up limits of the total amounts of packets that are sent and received, that is possibly the biggest meltdown an internet browsing junkie can suffer from. What is worse is that if you have reached your browsing limit for the month, which we can confidentially prattle out that majority of the people would not, you have to pay an extra fee for additional bandwidth to be utilized. That bandwidth would be somewhere between $ 20 – $ 30 per 2 GB of LTE data which is ridiculously priced. We’d be delighted to resort to our previous pathetic internet service as long as it gave us unlimited downloading and uploading capabilities.



Take a look at the palm of your hand and tell us what you see ( if you have not lost your sense of sight and touch ). Yes it is a smart phone. The popularity of mobile devices has shot through the roof of our earth’s atmosphere and looks like there is only one way to go up. Upwards. There is no denying the fact that our lives have been over burdened with long working hours, and that the introduction of smart phones and wireless connectivity has indeed improved our way of coping with these extrapolated working hours but only for those who can afford it.

And when we talk about affording it, we are referring to paying the extra bill when you have exceeded your capped limit. With the economy at this level, not everyone is fortunate enough to write off bills so quickly. What we are trying to tell you is that there are some people out there who are sick to their knees but they always tell themselves ‘I can either pay for dinner, or I can pay for my medicine. I can’t do both’. That is one of the harshest decisions any individual has to make. We have to admit, times are excruciatingly tough. So it automatically falls upon the service providers to look for other favorable prospects to provide customers with priced plans which are flexible for their usage, and not for your pocket.



If we were to say to remove the capped limit from LTE connections, then we would be living in a 4G connectivity utopia, which is obviously not the case. As mentioned before, the service providers can look to provide much more flexible priced plans and divide them amongst the populace according to the ability that they can pay for. That is possibly the second best advice that anyone can provide ( first one would be to remove the capped limit ). Another advice would be for users is to revert to using 3G connectivity, but since we don’t want to get chased by an angry mob, it is best we keep that opinion buried in our heads.

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By Omar Sohail

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3 thoughts on “Is 4G LTE Technology A Waste Of Money?”

  1. Krunal says:

    yes I this you are right its waste of Money.3G is best no needed 4G.
    Krunal recently posted..Where’s My Water for PC Download, Where’s my water game for computerMy Profile

  2. Omar Sohail says:

    4G can become a very good wireless communication medium if they don’t start charging customers with heavily priced bills.
    Omar Sohail recently posted..Whatsapp Tricks You Never Knew AboutMy Profile

  3. Moo says:

    Mine are always keen to do those things too, I can’t imagine them giving up physical play for digital play any time soon, and I’m thankful for that.
    Moo recently posted..تحميل الباتش الاحدث Patch 1.2 لمعشوقة الجماهير PES 2014My Profile

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