If You Want To Win Apple, You Need To Show it In 2013!


Apple as we know today is a lot more than “an apple a day, keeps a doctor away.” Yes, we know Apple a lot more than that now. In the recent year, Apple has shown pretty good performance regardless of the tough competition it went through. From the latest versions of iPad to the iPod nanos and from the iMac to the iPhone 5 of course, the performance has been acceptable. However, from the performance Apple has been showing in the past years, this year’s performance didn’t meet that level. The question here is, has Jobs taken the spirit, position and performance of Apple to the grave?

In 2013, if Apple needs to be the only company ruling the tech world, then they need to shake up things a bit. Admittedly, the changes should be more on software and then on the look. From what I have concluded, following is the list of a few points that Apple should follow to bring back their crown.

  • The need of another kind of iPhone:

This year’s iPhone has been a win-win. According to my observation, if the Mini iPad has taught anything to Apple, then it is the love and admire that the customers have for it due its small size. I know this does go against the current running in smartphones as the aim of every smartphone company is to come with phones having larger screens. Nonetheless in the category of iPhone, Apple is going on the right track.

The bitter truth here is that Apple failed to release the rumored iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 because of the lesser sales output through iPhone 5. The only wise step that Apple should implement is by coming up with another iPhone – that wouldn’t be similar to the current one. Now this is where an iPhone Mini should be considered. According to what I’ve noticed, the iPhone lovers would love a trimmed version as we’re sure that Apple won’t be able to reduce the size of the screen successfully.

  • The Apple TV Apps are needed and luckily, rumored to be there:

Few days ago I had been thinking that every Apple device has apps. What doesn’t is the Apple TV. According to the freshly-baked-rumors, Apple would be brining set-top apps for the TV soon. After the software update that walked to us in Christmas, let’s be friendly in welcoming the Apple TV soon!

  • Rebirth of SIRI is NEEDED:

Now that Maps of iPhone are dead – and will remain dead for some time, Apple is in a dire position of diving back with success. Contrary to the voice-controlled assistant, SIRI has been helpful software in bringing record-breaking sales for iPhone. As a marketing strategy, Apple featured SIRI in one of the features for iPhone 4S. Now that the SIRI- which is currently in Beta state has been out of the public eye due to Google’s Voice Search, Apple should be thinking about an improved version of SIRI for the next version or any devices.

Apple is currently in a dire position to “think differently”. After all the weaken iPhone 5 sales and the troubles given to the investors, it’s time that Apple shows some potential with new things that can make the consumers and competitors stand from their seats. You can do it Apple, you can do it.



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By Soha Naveed

Soha is doing her graduation in Business. She has great insights about Internet Marketing and Technology. She likes to write on different technological updates. You can Follow her on Twitter @SohaTazz & Facebook @Soha Naveed.

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One thought on “If You Want To Win Apple, You Need To Show it In 2013!”

  1. I don’t think Apple will have any problems in 2013, despite the competition. Despite how common smartphones are now, I’m still amazed by what my iPhone can do. It’s crazy to think that the level of processing power I carry around in my pocket is several times faster than a $1,500 desktop from ten years ago, and hundreds of times faster than a computer from the early 90’s.

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