If SEO is Dead, Long Live Search Engine De-Optimization

Search Engine De-Optimization
If SEO is Dead, Long Live Search Engine De-Optimization (via Pauls Internet Business)

By Ben Kemp in Featured Over the past year, Google has pretty much set about eliminating any competitive advantages other than the quality of the on-page content itself. They seem intent on levelling the playing field to the point that those who previously…

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By Umair Maqsood

Umair Maqsood is an Internet Marketing Consultant with his expertise in SEM, SMO, SEO, SMM and Content Marketing. Technology inspires him, Internet Marketing is his passion and writing is what he envy the most. He runs a blog Techknowlogists, which is a blend of Technology and Internet Marketing. You can follow him on twitter at UmairMaqsood

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2 thoughts on “If SEO is Dead, Long Live Search Engine De-Optimization”

  1. Louise says:

    Some great advice on here about links, especially when writing internal links. It has made me really look at the content I have on each page as well, making sure I am not re-writing the same key-words over and over. Thanks

  2. LJ says:

    Thanks for the information about responsive designs and Google’s rewards. That is something I hadn’t heard. It’s good to know that putting the effort in will be a benefit to users as well as designers.

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