Have a KitKat- Android 4.4 Upgrade


Speaking of Android, did you have your KitKat yet? With the announcement of Google’s Nexus 5, the latest Google update to Android is KitKat 4.4.

As stated by the official Google Blog, KitKat will bring easier and smarter search to Android smartphones. Most importantly, Google aims to make it compatible with all the existing previous devices, allowing every user to avail the fun. Here’s what Android KitKat 4.4 has in store for you:

Performance and Memory:

Most of the KitKat improvements are lying under the hood. When it comes to the device’s RAM, perform is immensely better. AS mentioned by the Android Developer websites, KitKat streamlines all the components in order to reduce the memory consumption. Even with the smartphones having 512MB memory will be responsive and faster.

Google Now becomes Powerful and Easy:

KitKat has largely focused on Google Now – with hands-free usage, more cards and easy access that it. Imagine waking up next to your phone, starting the search; take a snap and many other activities just by speaking “OK Google?” That’s how futuristic Google is getting, folks!

Dialer with Integrated and Universal Search:

With the most traditional and oldest application on your mobile phone, KitKat brings the “much needed” update for the dialer. KitKat 4.4 allows you to look for a number directly from the mobile phone dialer by not just your phone book, but also from the nearby places and Google Apps. Additionally, it works in reverse order as well: the caller ID of your phone will look up for all the matches from the Google Maps when you receive a call from a person who is not listed in your mobile’s address book. Now this is what I call darn handy.

Changes in Hangouts:

With the updates, Hangouts aims to become your go-to app through text messages, video calls and instant messages. If you’re tired of using different apps for communication, KitKat solves your problem by giving you the much upgraded version of Hangouts, replacing the old messaging app.

The location sharing in Hangouts solves the problem of waiting for the “where are you?” message as the location of the messengers is showed.

Improvements to File Browsing, Cloud Printing and NFC:

Like every Android update, KitKat also comes with a bunch of improvements. For example, NFC enhancements automatically route the right app when you click one of the pay-with-a-tap terminal option. You can also print your documents easily to any specific printer from your Android device. Moreover, new storage access frameworks allow the users to access their stored files from other apps like DropBox and many more.

What’s More?

KitKat has Immersive Mode for all of the apps you have, updates to the Email and Downloads app, HDR+ photography, less battery draining during audio playback, infrared blasting remote of TVs and many other upgrades are present.


Most of the Google Nexus smartphones, along with Xperia Z Ultra Google Play Edition, LG Optimus G and HTC One MAX. Samsung smartphones will receive the upgrades in January with various other Android devices.

Upgrade your Android smartphone with Android KitKat 4.4 today and avail all of the futuristic features. Google never fails to provide convenience to its users – KitKat is one of the promises!

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By Soha Naveed

Soha is doing her graduation in Business. She has great insights about Internet Marketing and Technology. She likes to write on different technological updates. You can Follow her on Twitter @SohaTazz & Facebook @Soha Naveed.

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