BlackBerry Finally Does It: Their Flagship Smart Phone: Z 30


You think Apple’s is the only company out there that happens to bring something new to the table? BlackBerry today has given us one hell of a surprise by finally announced their long overdue flagship smart phone, dubbed the Z 30. Lots of goodies are housed in this smart phone and if you happen to be that sort of person who have consecrated their faith to the BlackBerry products, then there should be no reason why you should reject this product because you will be amazed at what this smart phone is packing.



Let us start by delivering to you the most crucial component of all. Yes you have guessed it. It is the processor. Armed to the teeth with a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, this behemoth chip, which is clocked in at 1.7 GHz and which also happens to be a quad core will easily be able to take down even the most taxing of applications so you will not have to worry that dreaded stuttering issue that comes your way every time you start a heavy resource chewing app.

The Black Berry Z 30 also comes armed with an Adreno 320 GPU for those who have a uncharacteristic penchant to be addicted to mobile gaming. The 5 inch display with a maximum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels might NOT BE A VERY HIGH RESOLUTION, but that is one feature that we can slip out of our heads simply because if the products the offering superior performance, then the remaining secondary features can be easily ignored by the user.


You want to mitigate the stuttering issue a little more? With 2 GB of RAM, the Blackberry Z 30 has got you thoroughly covered. Coming towards the subject of the Blackberyy Z 30 camera, we felt that they were a little stingy in incorporating the camera because 8 megapixels at the front and 2 mega pixels at the rear has probably become a bare minimum standard these days in the world of mobile cameras. Nonetheless, here is another variable that we can slide under the bed because the other features that we are getting in turn of those surely outweigh the advantages of performance.

When talking about connectivity, the Z 30 comes with a dual band receiver for wireless connectivity. Meaning you can surf the web on the 2.4 GHz frequency as well as the 5 GHz band frequency. This is one such that we feel is a must have because streaming videos in most countries becomes a huge encumbrance due to the fact that videos buffer extremely slowly. However, due to the dual band feature, you will not have to worry about that any more. bb4

That is mostly it from the specifications table. The reason why we do want to bombard you with other specifications is because we know that those kind of details will not only be useless to your cause, they will also bore you. Coming to the speakers of the smart phone, they have been augmented to provide high quality sound, and not only this, but the Z 30’s rear chassis has also been upgraded to provide users with a much beefier battery. The maximum charge that the battery will be able to hold is 2880 mAh, so in terms of improvement, this is one where Blackberry should be given praise.

The reason why that is so is because several smart phone manufacturers who have found their names stamped on to the big leagues overlook the fact that the device should be given a bigger battery to allow a larger amount of battery life and instead start stuffing the smart phone with features that we are pretty sure only 10 % of the entire smart phone universe knows of and uses with frequent amount of relish.



The two aforementioned variables’ information were not disclosed to us unfortunately but as soon as they are made available to us, we will update you in the shortest time span possible.

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