Let’s Analyze the constructive and destructive power of Adjectives

Analyze the constructive and destructive power of Adjectives

Adjectives act as a most powerful tool in content writing and marketing. They add a shine and people can enjoy gleaming stuff, but every tool has a positive as well as a negative impact. Overdose of adjectives can make a reader more ill, but who will decide the dosage? It’s you! Only you can make a perfect analysis.

To approach effective results, you must have some information so; I am sharing what my opinions here:

Constructive Part

  • Appealing Title to get More Traffic

You might have noticed some link titles like “Watch Obama at a Weird Place”. If you observe, you will find heavy traffic on that link. Analyzing it deeply, we can conclude that a word “Weird” is triggering minds to click on that link. In other words, it is adding a curiosity that what is weird behind the curtain? And! “Weird” is an adjective. So, using appropriate adjectives can boost traffic on your site.

Appealing Title to get More Traffic

  • Detailing Can Add Feelings

As adjectives are describing words for noun and pronouns, they can enhance the feelings or can attach the feelings with the text content, image or any other media. Consider a site for botanical arrangement services, has added a link in an anchor text. The anchor text is: “Fragrance of Beautiful White Flowers”. You might feel that sweet fragrance. In this way, people will visit that site and some of them will place orders too. See! How easily you can associate feelings. Here, the adjectives are “Beautiful White” indirectly compelling customers to have white botanical arrangements.

Detailing Can Add Feelings

  • Creating Desires

Smart marketing managers are well-aware of the importance of desire. They know the process of changing a desire into want and then want into necessity. Ever wondered how? There are so many tactics and one of them is the use of appropriate adjectives. Consider the examples: “Crispy wafers in Milk Chocolate”, “Dairy Milk Silk”, “Lays Classic”, KFC, its finger lickin’ Good!”, “Colorful iphone 5c” and so many other examples. In every example, you will find adjectives. Perfect images with perfect adjective means you hit the bull’s eye. Ever wondered why people spend so much money? For their desires!

persuasion in wriiting

  • Persuasion Via A Great Weighting Scale

Persuasion is quite obvious. The above three points reflect the element of persuasion, but it’s on you what, where and how you use the persuasion technique in your business. Let’s reframe persuasion. We have adjectives and degrees of adjectives, which signify that we can use adjective degrees for persuasion purposes. We usually watch commercials on television comparing their washing powder with an ordinary washing powder. They use adjective degrees.

Persuasion Via A Great Weighting Scale

Now! Compare yourself; are you a smart marketing analyst, smarter one or the smartest?

Destructive Part

Marketing is all about playing with human psychology and words, the better player you are, the better marketing person you are. But! We all are human beings and human beings have errors so, if we talk about smart marketers, they also make mistakes. If we talk about the use of adjectives, the blunder can be misuse of adjectives, stuffing of adjectives, minimal use of adjectives, ambiguous usage and many more.

  • Over Optimization

Sometimes, marketers are impatient and they want to grab the attentions of maximum clients instantly, so they make unnecessary usage of adjectives and the stuff looks like a nasty buffet of adjectives. Nobody wants a buffet like that so, people turn the table around by their own.

Destructive usage of adjectives

  • Ambiguous or Exclusive Tone

Most of the time, we use adjectives that alter the meaning and as a result a wrong perception is created in reader’s mind so, one should be vigilant while targeting customers with adjectives.

Sometimes we use adjectives to enhance the grace of the sentence, but we don’t notice that it can be a bounded word for many readers. Suppose it’s, “fair ladies”. The word fair is excluding all girls with medium and darker complexions. Sometimes such mistakes can hurt others and hurting a client means … you know better than me.

Ambiguous or Exclusive Tone

Share your opinions with us and enjoy great marketing.


By Maryum Afzal

Maryum is a writer who is passionate about exploring and spreading knowledge by the power of words. She is conscious as well as efficient about her work so, her learning and interesting experiments provide her great benefits. For her, Working on this blog is simply a perfect mingle of reflecting technology fever as well as a great source of sharing knowledge. She always welcome challenges and exciting tasks. You can connect with her on Skype: maryum.afzal, linkedin and on Twitter.

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