10 Reasons Why You Need to Root Your Android Phone


In the smartphone market, Android strives to be the most customizable, versatile and open operating system present. An Android user may think there is no need to root the Android smartphone, but you will be surprised to know about the benefits rooting gives. Following are the top 10 reasons why rooting your device is worth your time and hassle.

10. Installs Incompatible Apps and Unlocks Hidden Features:

Most of the times Android users think the device fail to give the features they are looking for. The application is either blocked by the carrier or it is simply unavailable in the region you reside in. Fortunately, rooting helps in that case – you get the carrier blocked applications, emulate features, avail features like Beats from other smartphones, power the hardware, make compatible apps and avail features of the latest Android versions. Conclusively, whatever feature you want, rooting is the key to it.

9. Automate Everything:

A lot of apps are present in the Android market that allows you to automate anything in your smartphone. Tasks like changing the CPU speed, GPS and toggling 3G require rooting. So if you want to get benefit of the automated apps, you will have to root your smartphone once.

8. Boosts Up the Battery Life and Speed:

Essentially, one may think of all the available options for boosting up the battery life and speeding up the smartphone. However with rooting, things become more powerful (as I mentioned before). With apps, you can overclock and underclock various factors. You can also use apps to hibernate those apps which are not in use. Conclusively, this goes perfect for apps that keep running in the background (annoying) even when not in use.

7. Blocks Ads:

Most of the ads get in the way while you are downloading something and also, use a lot of your data. In case you are also tired by these ads, rooting is, by far the best way to block them.

6. Back Up for Seamless Transitions:

When you are having a need of restoring your device to stock, or you have to move to a new Android device, your life can be made easier by first backing up your apps. Within a few taps, you can get your entire data back. Sure a few apps can help your save up and backup your data, but rooting gives it all its essential needs and requirements. Rooting will back up all the system data and apps and automate the process along with the Titanium Backup.

 5. Removes all the Preinstalled Crap-ware:

As mentioned earlier, Titanium Backup is a healthy option for a lot of activities. It also uninstalls space occupying, battery-draining and much annoying crap-ware that comes in many smartphones preinstalled. By rooting, you can freeze them, allowing your phone to operate normally and gradually delete them once they free the space.

4. Tweak the Dark Corners of Android:

If you are the kind of Android user who loves to fiddle about every feature, both under the hood and on the surface, rooting is THE THING for you. Whether you want to have a customize keyboard, or have fast scrolling, extra themes, improved multitasking, rooting gives that power to tweak through every corner.

3. Flash a Custom Kernel:

Most of the Android phones require custom kernel for their under-the-hood tweaks. Basically, you can flash these with a rooted device only. The kernel holds itself responsible for allowing the apps to communicate efficiently with their associated hardware. This means a custom kernel will give your smartphone a better battery life, efficient performance and additional features like quicker battery charging, Wi-Fi tethering and many more.

2. Flash a Custom ROM:

You might be aware of this, but mark my words; this is the best feature that comes within rooting. Reshaping your smartphone, a custom ROM is a custom version of the Android. From bringing the stock Android version to the latest versions, and from adding handy features to the unique ones – you can change the device from head to toe through a custom ROM – if you know the right way of doing so. No matter which smartphone is crowned to be in your hand, custom ROMs are a biggie worth going for.

1. Own Your Device:

In the end, everything boils down to one thing: you truly own your device. Certain carriers and manufacturers try to restrict users from owing their devices. However through root access, things shift gears as you open up to a lot of possibilities.

Rooting is the answer to each and every requirement you have for your smartphone. Sure, it comes with a lot of risks as well, but it is worth going for. My next post will be on “How to Root Your Android Device” so hang in there for more!

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