10 Coolest Gadgets in 2012

Coolest Gadgets in 2012

Depending on the particular subjective, creating the ‘best’ in the world is the most difficult task one can perform. The success of the gadget depends on the points that the creator perceives while making any particular gadget.

In the past year, we saw the invention of various mega-hits that people fell in love with. iPad 2, iPhone 4S, Google Plus and Chrome-book are few to name. Since the current 2012 is coming to an end, let us not forget the jam-packed year that had unlimited gadgets, devices and not to forget, the smartphone wars! Following is the list of the few coolest gadgets that have been reserving places in our top-most lists.

Hewlett-Packard’s Envy Spectre14:Hewlett-Packard’s Envy Spectre14

Released right after the CEBIT fair held this year, this ultra-book is the newest in the genre of crisper display (1600 x 900 pixels display), lightweight (1.8kg), high-capacity (128GB SSD) and super-thin (7mm) new forms of laptops.




Sony’s PlayStation Vita:Sony’s PlayStation Vita

The latest version of PSP is known as PlayStation Vita that was launched this year. The gaming handheld gadget has succeeded to be one of the best PS Portable that has been launched by far. It has a 5-inch OLED touchscreen that is filled with 16 million colors, rear and front cameras, microphone, built-in speakers, Wi-Fi locations and GPS options, along with various other features. It supports ARM Cortex 4-core A9 as its processor. Surely this gaming console gives thrilling gaming ventures!



Lytro Light Field CameraLytro Light Field Camera:

This is known as an introductory version that is different from a simple camera. The Lyto LFC is the type of new camera that captures all visual depths of any particular scene. Through this features, you can easily change your focus from one end to another while the picture is being taken. Unlike a conventional device that makes a static plain picture, the latest LFC allows you to make ad record the whole scene, without any interruptions. Much like the way it is done on any touchscreen, the control on LFC is pretty easy. You can easily swap your fingers to move the focus, change settings, toggle through various modes and many more.


Facebook Timeline:Facebook Timeline

A lot different than other techno-based gadgets, here’s something different coming your way. This timeline was launched in 2011 September. It takes the responsibility to “explain your life story” in a much ameliorated way. It was destined to release to all world-wide Facebook users in November. Coming in with a twist, Timelines.com, a small Chicago company sued Facebook over the trademark issues and added the complaint that the new Facebook features might ruin their image. After negotiating, Facebook launched it in January 2012. Since then, Facebook Timeline has been one of the coolest gadgets on cyber space.


4G Technology: 4G Technology

Periodically, the G technology stepped forward after the third generation or 3G invention. After 3G, 4G was launched. 4G- Wireless step-up, offers faster data transmission that is up to 1 gbps. This will make your storage in your cellphone totally obsolete. 4G was thought to be and still playing a role in boosting up business activities, video blogs and social media, making you reach astonishing heights!



Amazon Kindle Fire:Amazon Kindle Fire

The latest challenge to the Apple’s tablet market is known as the 7-inch Gorilla Glass touchscreen, the Amazon Kindle Fire. The gadget has 1024 x 600 IPS display and races on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It has 1GHz processor and has the ability to store data with storage of 512 MB RAM and 8GB storage capacity.



OLED Glasses:OLED Glasses

Google’s Project Glass is destined to be one of the best consumer electronics ideas that might be striking out as a ‘big thing’. Used by huge masses, the price is also perfect. These are known as futuristic glasses.




Windows 8:Windows 8

The newest version of Windows has been upgraded with amazing innovative features. The simple, yet very appealing UI called the ‘Metro-Style’ design is featured in the Windows 8. The UI displays all the important features and gives you the full control. You can even download pre-beta version which is available on the official Windows website for free.



Samsung Galaxy SIII:Samsung Galaxy SIII

After the excellent hit of Galaxy SII, Samsung released their latest milestone in the race of smartphones- Galaxy SIII. It is built with Exynos 4212 processor along with 1.8GHz. Not only this, it has ARM Cortex A9 Chip that gives 25 percent boosted performance and reduces up to 30 percent power usage. It is powered by Google’s OS, which is also known as Android Ice Cream Sandwich.



USB Toaster Hub and Drives:USB Toaster Hub and Drives

The USB Toaster Hub and Drives is known as the most adorable and cutest USB Hub as well as the cutest ever USB flash drives that are now available in market. You can choose from ay four different styled USB flash drives that are of 4GB memory.

Filled with various other cool gadgets, 2012 has been a remarkable year for the techno market!


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By Soha Naveed

Soha is doing her graduation in Business. She has great insights about Internet Marketing and Technology. She likes to write on different technological updates. You can Follow her on Twitter @SohaTazz & Facebook @Soha Naveed.

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  1. Umair Maqsood says:

    Phenomenal post. Technology has really revolutionized our daily life. Technological advancements enthralls me and these gadgets are just great to use.

  2. Soha Naveed says:

    I second that thought Umair.
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  3. After seeing this list, I am curious to see what will happen with the “gadget world” in 2013.

  4. Soha Naveed says:

    Same here Kamal. Most of us are waiting to see this.

  5. Really nice gadgets….. also nice writing.
    I think we will get more gadgets like these in future….
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